Sepon Konttori - radiation safety trainingRadiation Safety Training (radiation protection) and the new radiation law

For the users of closed sources, x-ray devices and industry radiography

Is your training up to date? To what extent are the company and the executives responsible for radiation safety? Do you know the requirements of the new radiation law, effective from December 15th, 2018?

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) requires and checks for the updated training of executives accountable for radiation and other users (maintenance-, usage- and laboratory personnel) in periods of five years.

Sepon Konttori offers you the most recently updated training at your facility

I will travel to the site to give the training suitable for specifically your equipment and personnel. The training is in accordance to the new radiation law, settings and specifications provided by STUK.

Closed source- and X-ray equipment training covers the main regulations, permits and instructions, the principles of radiation protection, basics of radiation physics, risks, usage and maintenance issues, working in laboratories, removing sources from use, the health risks of radiation, organisational requirements, documents demanded by the new radiation law etc.

A. Radiation safety training – closed sources and x-ray sources of radiation, for example:

  • Updated training for executives accountable for radiation safety
  • Training of personnel responsible for usage and maintenance
  • Training of laboratory personnel
  • Assisting training organizations
  • Consultation services
  • New radiation law and the organization

B. Making the local safety instructions and the documents required by the new radiation law and the use of the radiation expert

C. Measuring radiation at sites of use

D. Measurement and application of radiometric measuring devices

E. Maintenance instructions


Contact me to find the suitable radiation safety training program for your company.

Sepon Konttori

Fuel silo at bio power plant, radiometric level gauge.